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Change in date

Dear race friends.

Finaly some news and a change in date.

We are going back to the Easter weekend the traditional date for IDFM.
Take your agenda’s out again and reserve the following days..

Good Friday the 7th Saturday the 8th and first Easter day Sunday the 9th of April 2023
Second Easter day you will have the chance to do some sightseeing in the historical surroundings of Deventer or enjoy another day at the traditional yearly fun fair that will be close to the track at Easter time.

Coming week I will post some more info about how we are running the following 3 classes:

  1. F1 -21.5 blinky rubber tires\
  2. Fronty ETS/Dutch championship rules
  3. Tamiya TT01/02 (thinking about DTM body’s} motor and ESC to be announced

Due to some local administration things, EC warm up and getting a reserved date from the Dutch nationals organisation it took much longer than anticipated … but… we are going to make this happen.

Stay tuned!

Best Regards,
Edwin Neijenhoff
IDFM orga.

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