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This year’s 3rd class we would like to present to you is special!
A true Gentleman/woman class with a 25.5 motor. A classic cigar-shaped full body to get this 60’s feel of driving without wings.
This Fenix “Winter” project started in 2018 out of love for Historic racing and also trying to create a FUN class with which it would be easy to enter or re-enter the racing scene.
We as IDFM organization added the new 2700 MaH Li-ion battery specially made to fit the chassis to have a more equal FUN race.
Do you need to have more information about the Fenix Classique? You can find it at or if you like to order one to have some fun with us racing at IDFM in the Netherlands you can also do that at For a good starter set. Just build it and race it
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